Alexx Ekubo is a Nollywood actor and Model who over the years has blessed our screens with his cute and talented self. Alexx remains one of Nollywood’s sweethearts because ‘LLCA’- Ladies Love Cool Alex. Here are 10 hilarious facial expressions of the sensational Nollywood actor and what we can relate them to.

1. When the interviewer has been looking at your CV for an hour and then he raises his head to ask “What did you say you study?”

2. When your friend is about to be unfortunate and you had to put in extra drama to warn him

3. When your crush is crushing on your best friend and your best friend who knows how you feel don’t give a damn

4. When your friends tell you to wear red on Valentine and they all come in black and blue

5. When you are explaining to your ex that your level as moved from bear bear to beard gang

6. Your friend is hitting on your girl and she is playing along

7. When you see your ex that you still feel for and you start the unlooking challenge

8.When you don’t understand shit but you have to act like you follow based on logistics

9. When you see your crush and you want her to notice you so you shine your teeth

9. When your bae is pissed and she tricks you from eating at your friends saying she’s prepared your favorite only for you to meet this

10. When you are a third wheel and you know your only hope is in God

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