5 Facial Expressions Our Dad’s Give That Resets Our Brains So Fast

We all know mothers can be overly dramatic however our fathers are as cool as iced water but would always have a way to get to us whether we like it or not. All it takes is their facial expression and our brains are ready to reset and function well. Here are five facial expressions that we can relate with

1. Once your Dad removes his glasses half way & looks at you like this, just know that its time to stop lying & start telling the whole truth

2. When you are about to ask for money he already knows the amout but as a sharp guy you’ve added your own VAT and Pension 

3. When you are in trouble and you are apologizing because you know what will happene next 

4. When your mum reports you and he needs your explanation 

5. When your dad looks at you like this just start packing your loads yourself 

6. When you are about to lie and he goes “Ehn if you lie” 



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