So far, aso oke is one of the special attires worn mostly by the Yoruba’s for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and many more.

Other tribes too are getting to love aso oke as they are embracing it too.

Here are unique and sweet aso oke colour combinations for everyone that wants to look beautiful for that anticipated owambe;


White as we all know denotes purity, innocence and sincerity. You can rock white with any mind blowing colour. It really makes one stand out, look beautiful and regal.

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Royal Blue and Red

Blue is bold and beautiful. Royal blue is very sweet in an elusive way.  Red is a bright colour that attracts attention. You want to stand out, look beautiful and come out bold? Try out Royal blue and Red.


Most couples go for this colour for their traditional wedding because it blends with all skin shades and it’s safe. Go for Gold as it never goes out of vogue.

Gold symbolizes wealth, riches, luxury, love, power and strength. It perfectly blends with red, wine, silver and many more.

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Green brings glow to an outfit. You can pick from the different shades of green, the one that best suit the colour you want to combine it with. It gives that classy and sophisticated look.


Purple never goes out of fashion. It signifies power, wealth and royalty. It makes one look chic and stylish.







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