5 Things In Nigeria That Will Make You Wish You Were Anywhere Else 

1. Light: Electrucity in Nigeria is the worst. If you think you love Heat then you can stay back but this is not advisable. 

2. Bad Traffic: Imagine your house is 30 minutes away from work but you spend 3 hours in the traffic. You might as well just cook up indomie. 

3. Police: These ones will literary frustrate the life out of you by asking for 50 Naira or worse of 20naira. Trust me you don’t want them searching your phone or laptops if you are one of the famous groups 

4. Employers: Especially one man business kind of Employers their aim is to frustrate your efforts no matter what you do. Nigerian employers do too much 

5. Government: Bad Government will make you hate yourself. Our leaders care nothing about us so they just do whatever they like. You don’t want to be messing with them trust me. 


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