1. You convince yourself that it won’t start until you get to work and you ignore the clouds forming and forget to take umbrella 

2. Strong winds will start and one part of you will automatically become a prayer warrior as you start begging God to chill 

3. It will start raining violently and you will start asking if God didn’t answer your prayer because of the sins you’ve committed. 

4. Problem is, you’re too far from your house to run back so you’ll find one small shade to hide under.

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5. Then the rain changes directions with the wind and it starts falling from every side. 

6. Then you proceed to work because you were able to see a bus going your way 

7. The worse then happens, a car speeds by and splashes water all over you and you will start to pondering if you are cursed. 

8. When you get to work and your colleagues start asking if it’s raining 


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