Yorubas do not try their best to hide who they are in every gathering. Most importantly, you can easily identify them with what they say especially Yoruba mothers who have lived their lives experiencing so many things. Here are few things that can make you identify them easily; 

1. Iyawo( wife): They call everyone who is married or about to get married by this name. They change their real name to Iyawo just for the fun of it. You can immediately tell by how they will call the name. 

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2. Our Daughter: they generalize everything. They say things like I raised you just because they were your parents neighbors once upon a time. 

3. You can’t greet: They take greetings seriously. Once they have used this statement on you then you surely are in trouble. They make it look like you owe them this greeting. 

4. You can’t kill me: This is commonly used when their children are disturbing them. They easily tell them that since they didn’t kill their parents you can’t definitely kill them. 

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5. Go and meet your mother: I mean this is the father’s constant anthem. They make it look like only the mother gave birth to the children. 

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