Relationships are something that we nurture while some do not go as expected, few are lucky to have something goal worthy. Today we are looking at 5 things every lady should know before taking your guy home. 

1. If he his true to himself and you: Often times we have let people who do not deserve to be let in into our lives and the end isn’t usually great. To this end, be sure he is who he says he is before jumping the gun 

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2. If he really is into you: If a guy is as into you as you are into him however people might say it is, it is usually easy to tell when you have a mutual connection with each other. That said be sure he is into you then take it from there 

3. Be ready to take what’s coming: if things go sideways, be ready to deal with it without lots of emotions so has to avoid a break down. Take charge 

4. Decide what you want exactly: Making up ones mind is usually not easy but before you go deep enough decide on what you want from him so your expectations wouldn’t be cut short 

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5. Stay In Charge:You decide what happens in your home. Do not let anyone pressurize you from doing what you never planned for. Control your emotions and let them stay in check. 

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