Weddings in Nigeria are always one of the parties you look forward too. What is a Saturday without an ‘Owambe’ especially if it is one that is being organized by your family. The stress might be on a 100 however they goodies that surrounds it will ease the stress at the end of the day.

For ever party that involved your extended family, then some dramas are bound to take place. Hence we are bringing 5 types of family members one is likely to meet at a wedding party especially when they have been around few days before the wedding.

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1. The Loud Uncle: This is the Uncle that never deems it fit to reduce the volume of his voice, he would rather shout and scream on top of his lungs than to do otherwise. If you are not the one getting married then get ready to answer tons of questions

2. The Bossy Aunt: She is the Wedding Know it all, always bossing around the wedding planner or picking up fight with the cook or any other member of the family.

3. The fairy-tale godmother: The mum’s friend that loves love, she would tell you how she met her husband even if you have heard the gist since forever. 

4. The Emotional Parent: Especial your mum, who has been crying since they fixed your wedding date. Always getting emotional whenever they talk about your wedding gown or something related

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5. The traditional Grandma: The one that would tell you all the Dos and Dont’s of every wedding. They seem to know a great deal and who it has happened to at a point in time.

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