Sometimes having friends isn’t necessarily bad however having great friends just makes It easier for you to succeed in life. This are the types of friends you should keep around for this 

1. The Uplifter: These are the ones that will keep pushing you when you tend to want to give up. They are there to help you with phases of life that tend to pull you down 

2. The Goal-Driven: These ones might not have the same goal as you do however, they try their best in helping you achieve your at all cost. The right cost 

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3. The Cheerleaders: They are always there to tell you they’ve got you and how much you can do what you actually think you can’t. 

4. The Savers: These ones helps you save your money. They aren’t about that extravagant life. They just want you all to be successful in everything 

5. The fun but a goal getter- All work and no play. These ones remind you about life but they make sure you never lose sight of it. They are there to make you enjoy what you can and do with what you can. 

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Choose them wisely! 


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