Yesterday was another day Sunday and we all hurried to our various churches to stay abreast of the word of God. I went to a new church and what I observed is what I am about to share with you. We all are fond of these new generational churches were most of them pretend to preaching leadership qualities and so many other stuffs.

Even Jesus Christ warned that in the last days, there would be fake pastors and miracle workers. Christ specifically said that there would be many who call him lord but are not his servants.

So here are some of the things I found out in my new church yesterday and I realised I have been in the wrong church all along.

1. All the Pastor ever do is crack jokes and tell stories

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If all your man-of-God does is to tell stories and crack jokes, then you should run. The kingdom of God and the principles of Christianity goes way beyond cracking jokes, there must be time for feasting on the word in its core nature.

2. Every sermon is about prosperity

There are churches where week after week all the sermons preached are about prosperity, be careful. Even the bible says that you should prosper as your soul prospers, if you are prospering without spiritual prosperity, think again.

3. They ask you to pay for everything

If every sermon is about tithes, and you must pay for virtually every service, think again. Christ has paid it all, we only return our tithes and offerings in appreciation and in furtherance of God’s work.

4. Bath with soap at river and sleep in pastor’s house

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Some so called men of God have made the news for what they do with women, especially other men’s wives, all in the name of prayers. If you still have a cleric that tells you about spiritual cleansing in some river, bathing with sacred soap, you might want to review your membership.

The bible is the constitution for Christianity, and it says only the blood of Jesus and wash away one’s sins. The blood was already shed on Calvary. There is nothing that your honest prayers cannot do, it says if only you have faith as small as that of a mustard seed.

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5. Sleeping with women in their congregation

These days it has become common place to here of scandals involving pastors and their members. One needs not be told that if the man-of-God cannot control himself, then he is not worthy of his calling.

6. Buying only expensive things while their flock suffer

So many church goers live in abject poverty while their pastors leave like the rulers of the world. Some would say the men of God should not lack, however, we are not saying they should lack, but why live in outrageous flamboyance, while your followers live in abject poverty.

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