Growing up, almost every parents wanted their child to be something big in life and thing is they still do but this something is not just anything. We are talking about being a Medical Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Engineer and so forth. These choices takes the first numbers on the list of choices they lay down. 

Back then, 

1. Musician: If you told your parents you wanted to be a musician. Na die! You will tell them where such thoughts are coming from 

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2.Dancer: This is worse, they will tell you everything you need to know about your ancestors. Then they start firing all the enemies from each sides of the family 

And if you try to let them see reasons 

3. Actor : You automatically become a wayward girl. They’ll call a family meeting on your behalf just so you can convince them you are a good girl 

4. Tailor: What is a Mai Atafo or Tiannah back then? You can’t say you want to be a fashion designer not to say tailor 

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5. Make Up Artist: Where do you want to tell them you saw it from? How exactly do you want to explain it to them? 

6. Hairdresser : They will hand you a knife and tell them to kuku kee them 


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