If you have ever been to a place called “Computer Village” in Lagos and your survive it then kudos to you. Anyone who knows this place knows that if you are not careful, you might leave empty handed. Here are 7 things anyone who has gone there can relate to.

1. There are people by the roadside who think you are there for artificial pink lips or miracle weight loss

2. The roadside sellers start calling you to check out their stores

3. You look over your shoulder every seconds just in case someone is about to take your bag or phone

4. When you buy a phone you probably anoint it so you don’t end up seeing fufu when you get home

5. You cross check what you have bought several times just to be on a safe side

6. When they sell you a stolen phone and the owner somehow finds you

7. If you are not careful, they will sell you a fake phone and collect the one you even brought with you


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