1. The latecomers: These are the people who come almost when the church is about to share the grace and they start looking for seats 

2. The ones that stare: These are the ones who would rather look at everyone praying than pray themselves 

3. The fashionistas: These ones only came to show their new dresses every Sunday so you can tell they do not repeat dresses. 

4. The Popular ones: They know everyone in church always greeting people up and down they know the names of all the children and famzing the pastors and their wives 

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5. The I too Knows: These ones are all in the groups in the church. They would rather do everything in church yet they seem to always keep malice and sorts 

6. The Pastor’s favorites: These are the ones that the Pastors send a search party for when they don’t come to church. The Pastors just love them. 

7.The Phone users: These are the ones that take advantage of the opportunity that they have a bible on their phones to chat and tweet and when the ushers go to them they be like 

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