I don’t think there is anyone who loves love movies more than I do, sometimes I try to experiment what I see or learn from this movies on my partner and I have been disappointed badly. This is to show how unrealistic love movies can be.  They can set the bar high and have you expecting this epic love story in the halls of your very own high school.

Here are some things we have all learned from love TV shows that will probably never actually happen to you.

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Your Boyfriend Will (Physically) Fight For Your Honor

Sure, you can have a boyfriend who sticks up for you. In fact, you should. But my darling these doesn’t happen in the real world.

That Breakup Isn’t As Devastating As You Think It Is

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You can’t see how you could ever love anyone else right now, but I promise you that you will find love again and it will be even better. The time you waste pining and wishing for this person could be much better spent on other things. I want to tell you that it’s okay that things didn’t work out between you two- it’s not your fault.

You Will Marry Your First Boyfriend…While You’re Still In High School

I believe that One Tree Hill, while being one of the greatest shows of all the early 21st century, is also the most ridiculous.Two of the main characters, Nathan and Haley, decide to get married at the ripe old-age of 16 years old. I don’t know if this is even technically legal, but it definitely isn’t realistic. If you are a high school student and ever think, “hm, should I get married to this boy I haven’t known very long?” I will give you the answer right now: Nope!

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You Will Have S3x All The Time!

I don’t know any real-life couples who have as much s3x as the characters of The Vampire Diaries do. Of course, if you want to, more power to you. But you should never feel the need to have excessive s3x with someone, just because everyone else is. It’s important to do only what you are comfortable with and if your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner does not respect that then you should vanquish them like the vampire they truly are.

Boys Will Compete For You

I am still waiting for that day!!!!

You Will Fall In Love With Your Next-Door Neighbor

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Despite what television shows what you to believe, it’s actually not that easy to find someone you work well in a relationship with. That isn’t the case for Eric and Donna from That 70’s Show, who fall madly in love after being next-door neighbors. It probably does happen to some people, but how awkward would that be when you break up?

…Or Your Coworker

As much as the entire world loves Meredith and Derek from Greys Anatomy, dating your coworker is never really a good idea. Obviously it worked out in their case but that’s because it isn’t real life and they can do whatever they want. In the real world, it would make working in an office a little too complicated.

You Will Have Your First Date On A Romantic Island

Island what??? When restaurant are still working..


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