Earlier today, I had a meeting with a client who first contacted us (BBB Media formerly known as Bigsam Media)in 2010/2011 and we have worked with him ever since. He came back to Nigeria then with only a dream and an idea for an exhibition. Today, he has become a major stakeholder in his industry and is playing big in other industries.
I kept wondering how come the client and I have kept the relationship going despite his reputation for being reactionary. The answer is simple; we both keep our promises to each other. The relationship thrives because promises are kept by both parties.
This is one of the long-kept secrets of business and brand building: keeping promises.
For a brand to ‘last long enough’ in the market place, it must keep it promises to the people. Brand building is not a day’s job, its takes time and in the process of that time, promises would be made and the onus lies on the brand that hopes to stand out and stand strong to keep the promises it made to its market.
What promises is your brand making to its clients/market? Why do people come to you? What is the reason behind the money your market is willing to pay you?
This is the answer; you are making a promise to the client/market and those willing to pay you money; if you hope to last long enough in the market, you must as a matter of priority keep your promise to the market.
Don’t make a promise to deliver on so and so only to renege. If you promise to be black, be consistently black to the client during the time of the relationship. It is only when a brand keeps its promises that it enjoys continuous patronage from its market. It is only when promises are kept that a brand develops reputation for performance and until you develops a reputation for performance. Referrals will coming knocking at the door.
Businesses and brands need opportunities to grow but if you don’t develop reputation for keeping your promises, more opportunities won’t come. That is one major business and PR lesson that will keep you in business.
If you can no longer keep the promises you made, go back to the negotiation table and renegotiate the promise or refund whatever you have been paid. By all means, fulfill your brand promise to your market.
 A brand that can’t fulfill its promise to its market, is that a brand?  No, absolute not! (You will only get this if you still use your Facebook account regularly).
Samuel Olatunji popularly known as Bigsam is a PR and publicity expert and CEO of BBB Media.  He tweets from @samuelolatunji and _samuelolatunji
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