Is there a hand that pulls people into the canal when it rains? Why does it pull children most of the time? Well, it remains a mystery to all.

The canal has been a menace to everyone. Why is it called canal sef? It was just a gutter 12 years ago. The water that was diverted there made it expand and become the dreaded canal. Residents are still appealing to government to come to their aid as that place has been abandoned and they bear the loss.

Even robbers come into Area 1 Estate through that canal to disturb people in the estate and even kill security guards. Robbers see that canal as an escape route.People are disturbed, lamenting and wailing. People are dying; houses are being divided into two by the erosion and people are homeless.

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Taiwo was washing his uniform, getting ready for Monday’s children’s day celebration. He was happy as he was the one to lead the parade for his school. “Taiwo oh! Taiwo oh”, His Grandpa called him. He answered and he knew it was time to go to the mosque. He picked his Quran and Tesbihand headed for the mosque.

On getting there, he saw praying mats and kettles there but there was no one there. He prayed and decided to go and call his friends. He dropped his Quran in a safe place and left. He got to Rasheed’s house and saw him playing football with others. He was excited and was tempted to join as the Alfa was not around.

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Taiwo mistakenly kicked the ball towards the canal and Rasheed’s mum stormed out shouting at him to go get the ball or he won’t leave. Taiwo was afraid as the side the ball moved to was the main place the diverted water rests before it flows to the other part of the canal.

“Be fast o. Awon omo yi gan. Don’t come here again”, she screamed. Taiwo was scared as he looked down. He stretched his hands and his hands were on the ball. He was happy. As he was about turning to climb up, his right leg moved and ……….

Everybody ran including Rasheed’s mum. Help! Help! There was no one to help at that moment. Before they could get someone, Taiwo had spent 20 minutes there. Poor boy, he couldn’t swim. He was swollen by the time the diver brought him out because it took time before they dive into the deep pit.

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What a pity! The parade was cancelled. Instead of a happy children’s day, it was a sad one.




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