If you are a bachelor in Nigeria, two things are involved; It is either you get really lonely or you enjoy it so well. However, here are all the things that we think happens when you are a bachelor in Nigeria.

1. Your mum will always ask you the dreaded question “When are you getting married?”

Funke Akindele meme

2. Or that time she will bring a girl or ask you to meet her up just to match make you guys

3. Or the time when she will bring a pastor to come ask you if everything is functioning well

4. You get super lonely sometimes

5. The struggle to do laundries or dishes

6. When you constantly crack your brains on what to eat

Ice cube broke gif

7. Then you remember there is noodles to cook for the 5th time in 2days

8. When you attend a family wedding and everyone wants to know when yours is coming up

9. When your friends kids starts calling you daddy

10. And people are always asking when you plan to invite them for Jollof rice and small chops

11. And your girlfriends starts watching chick flicks that ends with marriage just to drop hints

12. And then your birthday comes and everyone is buying you wedding stuffs



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