Binta Ayo Mogaji is one of the few actresses who need no introduction in Nigeria’s movie industry. A known face in both the English and the Yoruba sector of the Industry, the actress is fondly referred to as Igbanladogi,a name she got from her role in Late Toba Opaleye’s chart busting film titled ‘IGBALADOGI’ so many years back.

For this talented actress, marriage is a beautiful thing. Although she got married quite late, Binta insists that marriage amongst celebrities can actually last if only they can put in as much patience, tolerance and understanding into it.

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In an exclusive interview with Broadway AfricaTV, when asked about her thoughts on celebrity marriages and how they seem like it is hard for them to hold down their homes, the veteran actress responded sighting herself as an example;

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“I am married and I have been married for like a decade even though I started late but I know people in this business who has been married for like forever. It is not that difficult. Every marriage has their ups and downs and it depends on the way you handle yours like my people would say, Rome was not built in a day and I have this thing that guides me or that tells me in matters of relationships.”

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She went on further to talk about her mum who never remarried after her dad died;

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“My father died in 1971 and since I have known my mother, she never remarried and she was just like 39 year old, probably for the love she had for him or something, she just didn’t get around to getting married to anybody and that for me is a role model. I look at some people who celebrate 30 years, 35 years, I have seen 50 years before and the I wonder if this people had any problem at anytime in their marriages for them to last that long.”

“Marriage is not a bed of roses, endurance, tolerance, and understanding all these things matter. So I don’t see why an actor or actress can’t hold down their wedding. If they really love each other, have deep understanding for each other and not listen to hearsays.”

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On getting married to an actor, she said; “Even if you are not an actor and you are married to an actor before you get married you must have known that this person is a public figure he or she doesn’t belong to you alone he or she is for everybody. I’d say you have married a common man so when you marry a common man you know what to expect. If he is a man and he doesn’t want to chase girls, girls will go after him and if she is a woman same thing goes.  So it depends on how much tolerance and how much you respect your marriage”


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