It was the Sunday eviction Live Show but since there was no evictions, things weren’t so bubbly like it used to. Truth is it was boring. 

I guess the eviction show wasn’t really needed but just for control they had to do a live show. However, Ebuka did a fantastic job with his host duties as he grilled housemates on their series of individual dramas. 

Ebuka gave us a fantastic night when he asked several questions that got the housemates stuttering and searching for answers. He shot fires at Bally and Bisola who gave us a spectacular night yesterday with their little episode under the sheets. 


Bally who couldn’t answer the questions directly dilly dally and ended up saying nothing specifically he moved on to Bisola who had a lot to say about her feelings toward TTT  and her new fish Bally. According to her, she’s way comfortable with Tripple T than she’s with Bally however, she like Bally first when she got into the house but because she has a mindset of never dating someone younger than her she had to take her mind off it. 

She says Tripple gets her even if he is into TBoss which he has stated several times. TTT agreed saying he and Bisola has a mutual relationship and they both understand each other, on TBoss he said TBoss has agreed to kidnap him at the end of the show and he is looking forward to it. 

Marvis agreed on having a soft spot for Efe while Efe agrees he likes her. Bassey continued to friend zone Debbie saying that he has a special relationship with her but it isn’t more than friendship. Debbie on the other hand says she and Bassey has connected on so many level and he is a cool friend. 

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TBoss says TTT is a cool dude but he has a boo so it is no go area because he’s got Bisola. 

Thanks to Ebuka, we didn’t have a totally boring show. 

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