Crisis according to some school of thought is a healthy development which if properly managed will bring about the best in any given situation, and where if left unattended to has the tendency of snowballing into an all-consuming fire.
There is so much tension right now within the body of the Celestial Church of Christ in Nigeria as the body, which has the highest number of garment worshippers, is being polarized and decimated by different factions, which has been existing almost right after the demise of the pastor founder, the late Rev SBJ Oshoffa and other muscle flexing members of the church.

For anyone who is familiar with the happenings within the church, one fact that can be testified to is the constant legal battle that the name of the church has been battered with. As much as it is good to shy away from disturbing the peace of the church and the members with all manners and shades of rancor, which is why the law courts are in place to mediate in matters involving aggrieved parties. It is good to seek clarity and where in doubt from the courts and the instrument of law.

Celestial Church of Christ will be marking its 70th anniversary this year, tracing the genesis of this present imbroglio that has further widen the gulf between the true adherents of the church and the ‘supreme’ authority.

Accusations of mismanagement, embezzlement, to outright forgery and bad leadership have been flying around through court files and summons. All these have left members confused not knowing who to believe.

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One of the members of BoT and immediate past chairman of the Imeko Cathedral Building Committee, Superior Evangelist Omotoso aka Jorotom of Jerusalem Parish, Shasha Lagos and a gladiator in the present happenings, called a press conference which had in attendance other top high ranking clergy of CCC and some of the children of the late Pastor founder, who came on a solidarity visit to honour Baba Jorotom to formally set the record straight.

A whole lot was revealed to the hearing of all present with documentation both written and pictorial to back up all his assertions. In the course of the briefing, he voiced it out that he is not interested in the stool of the pastor, urging no one to doubt why he is all out to fight the battle for the soul of the church. According to Him, it is a shame to all his generation of worshippers and those after him who have lost their children who were originally born into the fold to other churches, solely because the CCC has resigned itself to become the sleeping giant losing sight of its mandate as the last boat of salvation and a cleansing agent to the world.

The resonating voice and feeling from all concerned present at the gathering was, ‘Enough is Enough’ A note of warning was sent out to all well-meaning members of the church not to fall victim of any fraud disguised as a fund raising or contribution towards the completion of the Imeko Cathedral project, According to Baba Jorotom, the present crop of ‘builders’ are not sincere and should not be entrusted with their hard earned money, encouraging them to seek for accountability from those saddled with the management of the building fund, saying he realised N180m in the coffers of the building committee. In briefing which lasted close to 2 hours, the respected man gave detailed information to some other untoward things taking place within the Celestial fold, how church workers are being paid the worst salary worthy of this present economy while the pastor and his cohorts feed fat at the expense of others even to the detriment of the surviving wives and children of the pastor founder.

The impunity with which the church is being administered is a total disgrace to everyone bowing before the altar laid by papa Oshoffa. No one on the surface of the earth is a saint, neither is Baba Jorotom a perfect being, this fact is not lost on the tall superior Evangelist who has been a member of the church during the lifetime of Papa Oshoffa, as a man who has seen how the church was being managed by the Pastor founder and other notable great leaders who have occupied his stool, Jorotom, alongside the other clergies, who were nodding at intervals to register their agreement with his views and opinions all said the administration of the church has never been this bad. Pastor Mobiyan Oshoffa has not in any way in their views built on or maintained the legacy of his forbearers particularly that of his Pastor founder, his father.

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The era of ‘siddon look’ has been brought to an end as all clergies in attendance and members of the church at large are set to join forces with the vocal Rotimi Omotosho in cleansing and bringing growth and orderliness to CCC.

This is the appropriate time for the temple to be turned upside down, and everything contrary to the wish of the Pastor founder and other great men of faith who sacrificed and gave their all to groom and nurture the church in the way of the divine holy spirit to where it was before the coming of the present pastor flushed out like the cancer that it is before it becomes malignant.

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While some appealed for peace and a withdrawal of all pending court cases, others felt there was no looking back if the motive of all the bickering was to revive the dying church from bleeding to death from the claws of the hawks in white garment. 

He concluded by saying that he is of the firm believe that the resurrection power in Christ Jesus will fall upon CCC and it will rise again to take its place of pride as church with the mandate to cleanse the world, if indeed that must be fulfilled, then the cleansing must start from the foundation which is Ketu the international headquarters of the church and like a tsunami it will sweep everything and everyone standing as an hindrance.


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