Everyone is faced with the pressure of stealing down at one point in their lives, especially when you are the only one among your friends who is still single.

Most times the pressure might be too much we are left with no touch than to give in to the wrong guy, but no matter how bad the pressure is you should never give in to these kind of men.

1. The upcoming musician

Ok. We know love is blind but my sister not in this age oooo. These upcoming musicians are everywhere, even if you would want to stick with any of the musicians look for those who are making serious moves.

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2. The guy who brags

Thes are the Mr-I-Own-This-And-That. They are just noise makers. So my sister run for your life because at the end of the day they might just be broke!!!

3. The baby daddy

Don’t think you can pull it off like Anni Idibia did. Run!!! Run!!! Run!!! Except you are prepared for the baby mama drama of endless calls and silly excuses to get your guy on the other side. Plus, there’s always the possibility that he would want to marry her eventually because he wants a ‘perfect’ family for his child.

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4. Mama’s Boy

5.  Mr. Clingy

My dear run for life because this dude is going to be a monitoring spirit and a pain in the ass.In the beginning, this might seem cute and all but beware, this is very dangerous behaviour. You’re never going to be able to get a breathing space and he’s most probably going to pick a fight every time a guy as much as looks at you.


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