1. The ever tired ones: They act like they have been working since they were born and will just be there wasting your time like you are just here to play

2. The friendly ones: You just love them immediately you see them. You look forward to seeing them each time you go back to the same place. Sometimes you get them into trouble when you have them engrossed in a particular discussions

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3. The not pregnant but pregnant ones: These ones aren’t pregnant they just act like this. They get angry at every question you ask and you still feeling like you have snatched their boyfriend or something before

4. The annoying ones: This one’s just like to overdo things without you asking them. They are the ones that wants to help you put your pin in their POS. “Plix ezkuse me, are you balanced upstairs?”

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5. The ones that look at you with nothing but ‘bad eyes’ : But i am here to pay my money? why are you so mad or what exactly are you so mad about?

6. The ones that won’t speak up so you can hear them clearly so you are left feeling like a fool each time you say come again


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