If you are from the type of family that has family reunions and you all look for ways to show you have better living than others then you can relate to these few things that happen.

1. Your mum starts giving you tips on how to deal with your cousins


2. You and your mum starts facial expression classes where she gives you what each of her expressions mean. You dare not miss it


3. Selection of the best clothes in your closet. Just because you can’t go and fall hands anyhow. She even gets you new cloths

4. Polishing your phonetics. You can’t be an unfortunate child and gbagaun. You can even take it to God in prayer

5. You start rehearsals on how to say the speech of ‘where you spent your last holiday’

If you are a guy and old enough to be married start writing down answers

If you are a girl and you are old enough to be married get your pettiness sharpened

Put in place proper greeting skills so your Uncles and Aunties don’t tell you your birth story


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