According to Urban Dictionary, Owambe is a large, grandiose party thrown by Nigerians anywhere in the world, especially Yoruba Nigerians that involves a lot of food, dancing, loud music, and spraying (Nigerian term meaning the act of throwing money on a dancing person). There are often numerous guests, and usually the guests are divided into groups according to their aso ebi (uniform – some people might wear white and blue, some gold and red, etc). These parties take days and sometimes weeks and months of preparation, and have been known to block entire streets and roads, especially in Lagos, Nigeria. These parties, often takes place on Saturdays in other words, Saturdays are for Owambes.

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Yoruba parties are the best and this is has nothing to do with tribal hate.Having said this, we have established why Yorubas so love Owambes. Take a look

1. To Oppress and show off their Aso-Ebi: I mean without Aso Ebi you aren’t getting that hot amala and gbegiri and the Aso Ebi must be bam. When it comes to parties, the Yoruba people love to show off and compete. With Owambes, they get full reign.

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2. To make money from group members who attend your Owambe: Yoruba women seems to be in one group or another starting from market women, to church group, to village group and more. Here they tend to make money buy inviting all with the sole intention of getting sprayed by them

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3. To turn up just because they can: Lagosians love to turn up! Owambe parties are the perfect opportunity to unwind and get one’s groove on after a long week.The dancing is usually endless and guests don’t hesitate to show off that latest Naija dance move. Some weddings even organise after-parties for folks who want to rave it up some more after guests have gone home.

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4. For the love of Party Jollof rice: Really who doesn’t love Yoruba party Jollof?

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5. Because they are here for it everyday and all day and it is a form of a reunion: You get to meet all your relative plus that uncle you like to tax everytime.

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