Who else misses when he or she was just a little boy or girl with barely any worries in the world? Well I do. And in the spirit of children’s day, here is something that will take us through memory lane and show us that growing old will upset plan 

When i was younger…I’d put my arms in my shirt and pretend i had no arms.

Would restart games on my parents and elder sibling’s phones whenever i knew i was going to lose. 

I had this one pen with 4 colours and tried to push all the buttons at once, 

Poured coke or any other drinks into the lid and acting like i was taking shots. 

The hardest decisions was facing my mum whenever I was in trouble

Waited behind a door to scare someone, then leaving because they took too long to come out or i had to pee. 

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Faked being asleep and always ended up sleeping. 

Watched two rain drops roll down the window and pretending it was a race and cheering 

Building sand houses with my friends and trying to enter them. 

The only fake friends i had were invisible ones, 

I used to sing in the shower(now i make some tough decisions there now) 

Swallowed a fruit seed and thought a tree was going to grow in my stomach.

Licking my notes to make them gum together 

Using the seeds of cherry has earrings and acting like a princess

Using my cardigan as a baby and showing my acting skills alone 

Looking back I remember how I’d always say

I couldn’t wait to grow up…what exactly was i thinking? Being so young is fun. It was a peaceful bliss of world and all you had to do was obey, do the right things and everything will be fine. No crazy worries and life was extremely pleasant well not always but extremely pleasant still!

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While we so look forward to being an adult

We forget the responsibilities that comes with it. We tend to ignore or not think about what adulthood brings to and for us. We just want to grow up, not imagining the things that comes with it. 

GR- Growing O- Old W- will U- upset P- Plans! This I do believe. 

The best time to achieve what we really want is while we are young. 

As much as growing could be great to some extent I realise a simple mistake could cost a lot. When we grow up we can’t go back to make amends things we didn’t do right. And then we have time…while we are young time seems to be friends with us but as we grow so does time flies. As time flies we tend to look at everything we are doing and what we’ve done most especially while we were young. And we begin to realise a lot of things and tend to regret any actions or in-actions especially when we don’t use our prime well. 

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So think about it,while we are so bent on growing up pretty fast make sure you do the right things while you still have the time. Make sure you use your beginning right and let it compliment the end and everything that surrounds it. 

Growing up is inevitable,staying forever young is out of it but doing the right things while we are still young makes the inevitable future great for everyone.    


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