Sundays are usually one of those days that have most people feeling bored. Nothing majorly happen except from Sunday fried rice that is. So we have made out 4 things you can do on a Sunday after church for the Christians and after Mosque for the Muslims to have fun. 

1. Hang out with your friends: This way you can catch up with your friends and have something to talk about that will ease your boredom 

2. Catch a movie, grab a pizza, take on an Ice Cream do whatever but just go out and have fun. This will help your day a lot 

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3. Read a book: Some might think this is boring but truth is reading a book you enjoy never bores you. It gingers your spirit instead 

4. Hangout with family: Sunday is a great day to share that fried rice with your family. What better company would one wish for 

We hope this helps someone as we prepare for yet another Sunday. Cheers 


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