When it comes to Lagos and its bus conductors, trust us you do not want to be messing with them in anyway because they can generally burst your bubble and reduce you to screaming and cursing in the streets or Lagos. So here are few things that will help you know you are being set up by a Lagos Conductor 

1. He will make a comment about your beauty or shape if you are a girl. Don’t answer, just look ahead 

2. After warning you severally to enter with your change but you didn’t do that so you hand him a thousand Naira not and he looks at you and shakes his head 

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3. He’ll deliberately give everyone else their balance without glancing at you 

4. For everytime to you call he will not acknowledge your call 

5. He will starts throwing shade at you and announcing how he’ll be “joining your balance with a stranger’s for you to sort it out” 

6. He’ll finally answer you but he’s about to scream at you 

7. He successfully joins you and the stranger and the search hunt begins. The Real set up 

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