Many a times we have seen Nollywood marriages go down the drain. While some have fought to have the rein of their marriage, some have crashed without major reasons. So much so, some of these failed marriages have made headlines and met public ridicule. However, we have few of these celebrities who have been able to manage their home on a low key.

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One of them is the ever beautiful and sexy actress, Tana Adelana who have been able to keep her private life ever private. The young actress in an exclusive interview with BroadwayTV shared that she doesn’t have a perfect life but she has been able to manage her home in such away that they aren’t exposed to the glitz and glamorous life that comes with her status in the country. When asked how she has been able to keep her life under wraps, Adelana responded saying;

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“I try to keep my marriage away from social media not because i have a perfect family, we are far from perfect but i would like to focus on my family away from my work. I want to be a normal wife and a normal mum when i get home devoid of the entire hullabaloo that comes with putting them out there. I don’t have a perfect home or a perfect life but i am working towards it like everybody else and like you, I just want to be normal”

One can barely see a picture of Tana’s family however, the mum and wife as shared that she makes out time to be with them whenever she can. Should other actors take a cue from this and keep their private life extremely private? We wish Tana all the best.


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