I am beginning to think that Nollywood’s decision to be making great movies these days is just because of me. I took myself to the Cinemas last Monday to see Dare Olaitan’s  Ojukokoro and pray, I was impressed. The cast were off the hook. I was sold from the beginning till the end of the movie. Now let’s talk about the movie;


The money strapped manager of a money laundering petrol station decides to rob the petrol station that employs him but along his journey finds out that there are many different kinds of criminal and that a good reason isn’t always a right one.


It all starts with the introduction of Andrew (Charles Etubiebi) the manager of a Petrol Station, Lubcon who guides us through the narrative. He starts by telling us of an impending death, and how his survival is based on having 10Million Naira. The day being his birthday, Andrew made a decision to visit his Politician brother Jubril (Ali Nuhu)whose wife Shade (Somkele Idhalama) had been kidnapped. The two shared their opinions on how they would get Shade back. Next up, Andrew ends up with a birthday parcel and he leaves for work without checking what the birthday parcel contains.  All these scenes were carefully planned out that the connections could be scene from one person to another.

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Talking about the interesting petrol station Lubcon, this station harbors criminals clothed in workers uniform. It is a place where crime flourishes. From the Accountant (Emmanuel Ikubuese) who survives on hard drugs to the attendants, Monday and Sunday (Seun Ajayi and Tope Tedela) who are wild boys that survive on their expletive exchange and the guards, a father and son duo, who are all about telling each other stories.

Ojukokoro dissected the power of greed, the journey through each and the powerful end that surfaces. This movie makes humor and violence look like they should be siblings. The actors were brilliant in their forms taking on the roles like it meant nothing yet everything.The intellectual brilliance that came out of the movie was refreshing as well as captivating. Dare dives into the dark world of greed and explores the devious schemes of that world. Dare creates a world that functions on greed and is destroyed by greed too.

Jubril’s greed after acquiring 1oo Million Naira from a foreign deal sees his colleague plotting a kidnap directed at his wife Shade for ransom. The colleague hired Mad Dog Max (Wole Ojo) who exhibited his greed by deciding to run away with his family with the ransom money. The Greed also pushed him into going to Lubcon to acquire more money where things didn’t go as planned.

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Just like life, Ojukokoro leads into a world where the innocent people get killed in the process of trying to the the bad ones. Dare Olaitan got the script, movie, cast, setting and dialogue right. Although it wasn’t perfect as some part of the visual color wasn’t all that and some unnecessary scenes that dragged along however, Ojukokoro is a grand movie. When it comes to the language,  we have Hausa,Yoruba, English, then Pidgin English which was however, subtitled.


Charles Etubiebe, Seun Ajayi, Tope Tedela, Emmanuel Ikubuese, Ali Nuhu, Somkhele idhalama, Oyetoro Hafiz, Kayode Olaiya, Wale Ojo and Linda Ejiofor

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Charles Etubiebe is a wonderful delight in this movie, he guided us through the whole scenes.Emmanuel Ikubese didn’t disappoint either as he brought humor to the movie. Tope Tedela, Seun Ajayi and Shawn Faqua were exceptional and they made Ojukokoro enjoyable. Kudos to Dare Olaitan for this wonderful art of work. You all don’t want to miss this movie.


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