This time around, I won’t start with the usual I do not really watch Nollywood movies because truth be told I have been to the Cinemas more recently just for Nollywood movies and when I say just for Nollywood I mean the great ones. One of them is Yemi Morafa’s “Something Wicked”.

I have looked forward to seeing ‘Something Wicked’ for a while now and to think it made my list of top Nollywood movies to watch out for in this first quarter so I was pretty excited to see what Okey and Yemi had got for us. Saying ‘Something Wicked’ is different wouldn’t be unbelievable as the genre already sets it aside from the typical Nigerian movies. Like the saying (I mean mine) goes ‘Not every time comedy sometimes give us a psychological drama to challenge our brains’ and this movie did just that.

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I won’t sugar coat it by saying everything in this movie ticked the right boxes. No! However, what I would definitely say is that I was really and utterly impressed.

 “Something Wicked” is the story of a widow Hauwa (Ireti Doyle), whose recently orphaned nephew Abel
(Okey Uzoeshi), moves into her home from the violence riddled Northern Nigeria, after the murder of his parents. Abel has a difficult time fitting into his new family, whilst Hauwa struggles with the challenges of balancing a failing business and single parenthood. This family’s bond is tested when they are thrown in a life threatening situation and we see how easily misunderstandings lead to misconceptions and premonitions are sometimes the only warning we get, in this game of life and death.

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The movie went from positively humorous to surprisingly dark within seconds and this action alone deserves a standing ovation. It was well paced, practically set up and every single scene had something to look forward to. Although, the movie started out slow making me wonder where it was going but then after the first few minutes of total blankness, Adesua Etomi did it once again with her phenomenal acting skills and the ability to play out her roles with ease. Her radiant sense of humor, dialogue and well delivered lines had me and a lot of other people laughing so hard. It is safe to say that Adesua was outstanding.

This thriller did justice to what thriller means in Nigeria. The action started when Abel a hardly known nephew of Hauwa  knocked on the door in the middle of the night following the death of his parents as he seeks refuge with his aunt. Hauwa who had no choice took Abel in and the dark twist came to play. Try not to forget that Hauwa has 3 children Ali (Gabriel Afolayan), Amira (Beverly Naya) and Esther (Ivie Okujaye), who is hearing-and-speech impaired.

Abel was on a mission one we didn’t really get at first and this happens to be one of the not so great facts about the movie. Someone sniffing a thong or stroking a picture doesn’t necessarily depict the deep efforts of portraying them as a psychopath. Letting us guess he was obsessed with one of Hauwa’s daughter Amira was a down play. However, this did happened and we got a hang of it that Abel wasn’t what he claimed to be and he was a psychopath whose obsession puts Hauwa on close scrutiny by the authorities over the strange occurrences in their home.

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This movie gave me yet another fantastic moment when some of the scenes were played in slow motion. First was the show of love from Claudia (Adesua Etomi) and when Abel (Okey Uzoeshi) walked right into the scene giving Oscar (Timini Egbuson), Amira’s boyfriend, a deadly and piercing look. It was well calculated and I loved it.

Hauwa and Claudia’s relationship was something that was well thought of as well. The friendship and working relationship with these two got me in my feels. They had this partner, older-younger sister, friends’ thing going for them that I was totally impressed at that plot.

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So, back to the dark plot, Abel starts killing out of obsession and the movie dwells into a scene where an uncomfortable Hauwa asks her son Ali to go home. Whatever made them think the scene that happened next was fantastic is beyond me. Ali’s effort to rescue his sister was downplayed when he rushed in and starts hitting Abel without accessing the situation. How do you rush in, ask what was going on and throw a punch all at the same time? Another off moment was when Claudia took forever staring at a thong Abel had hidden with her mouth wide open. This scene seemed like eternity that I almost screamed.

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I will leave it to you to find out who fished out Abel as the bad egg but I’ll also give a spoiler as to how it ended because ‘I am still not understanding’. I am not saying it was a totally bad ending, thing is I am sure some people would have enjoyed that ending but I didn’t because I am a ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fan where great endings never happens. Well it turns out that it was all a dream. A dream Hauwa woke up to when she heard the knock on the door and it turns out to be Abel.

All in all, ‘Something Wicked’ is an utterly fantastic movie with every cast owning up to their characters and making them out to something you would actually believe in. Our top acts would go to none other than Adesua Etomi and Ivie Okujaye for their stellar performances. Kudos to the producers of the movie Okey Uzoeshi, Isioma Osaje and Yemi Morafa. 

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Simply put, “Something Wicked” is about family, love, friendship and death all rolled into one. If you haven’t seen this movie, you had better do. It is still showing in Cinemas.


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