1. They always borrow your clothes without permission

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3. Having to cover up for one sibling when they do something bad

4. And constantly getting flogged for something another sibling did

5. Laughing when they were flogging someone else was the sweetest thing ever

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6. And dividing the housework is always wahala 

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7. Pretending not to know each other in school so they don’t disgrace you

 i don't know her gif8. But always having your siblings’ back when someone tries nonsense with them

9. How all of you gang up to go and fight the person who tried to beat your sibling

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10. When you find out your siblings’ secret and blackmail them by making them do all your chores

11. Sharing meat was the worst because a fight will always occur

12. When your parents force all of you to wear the same clothes and do ‘and co’

13. Having to wear your older siblings’ clothes if you’re the younger one

14. Fighting over the remote control

15. When you snitch on one of your siblings and get them in trouble

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17. When you send your younger sibling to ask your parents for something and they mention your name

18. Fighting over the money that visitors give you to share

19. When you’re the oldest sibling and your parents leave you in charge

 20. But you love your siblings and won’t trade them for anything in the world

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