With every ‘blessing’ comes ‘burden’. And most people see ladies who have big butt, as endowed, s3xy and beautiful ladies, they forget the fact that most times these women find these ‘so-called’ blessing as problems because they have to deal with so many things.

Below are some of the problems women with big butt face:

1. Everyone expects you to know how to twerk

booty problems (7)

They will expect you to twerk or bust a move with your butt and you may have no say in the matter. And if it turns out you don’t know how to shake it, you may be laughed at.

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2. People always ask if they can touch it

booty problems (6)

Your male friends will obviously take permission but your female friends will show you no such courtesy. They will spank it, grab it, poke it, and so on; their familiarity with your ass will bring insult to you (lol).

3. If you sit down, guys may not pay attention but once you stand up, they are all over you.

booty problems (3)

Some guys will not notice all your hair and make-up no matter how on ‘fleek’ it is. However, if you stand up to go to the bathroom or simply have to walk around and do something, they will see you butt and become interested. When you return to where you were, they will flock around you like you just arrived.

4. Men expect you to be a S3@.x:’ goddess.

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booty problems (1)

Just because you have big butt does not mean that you are a S3@.x:’ goddess and are interested in every man you see, ugh!

5. The endless comments and stares everywhere you go.

booty problems (5)

Men and women will comment, point and stare wherever you go. Even your friends and family will make reference to your big bum bum.

6. Everything you wear draws attention to your big butt.


From loose dresses to asoebi and even a plain trouser and a shirt, everything will only draw attention to your big butt. And for some reason, clothes are seen as more provocative or vulgar when people with curves wear them so you have that societal discrimination to face all your life.


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