Women need to stop pushing other women, other women need to stop listening to peer pressure. It is about time for women to have each other’s back 

The wife of Nollywood actor Sonia Ogbonna dropped this major key earlier today and we thought to share it because this just might save the next girl 

So she wrote: 

It makes me sick to know that there are more women than men out there advising ladies, fellow sisters, mothers and daughters, to “try and make their marriage work” and “stay” by their husband’s side due domestic violence or any form of disrespect or mistreatment. 

No marriage is perfect (I know you were about to say that bish) but there are things that are most definitely NOT considered as “usual” marriage crisis. Your mom didn’t carry u for 9 months with so much love and care for you to become some else’s punching bag. 

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Uhm Uhm… preach it sister! 

“Stay for the sake of your children” – if I hear that again!! All of you “wise advisers”, please tell me, how can a child EVER grow into a normal, mentally and emotionally stable adult after being traumatized with such a terrible experience such as witnessing a domestic violence at his home?? 

For that sake I will tell you LEAVE BECAUSE OF YOUR CHILDREN if nothing else. Stop making women feel like they were destined to suffer!!! No!! You were meant to be loved and cherished, no matter where you come from, not humiliated, disrespected and unappreciated! 

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Mega Applause!!!!! 


Thank you! 

In another post, she added: 

Stop looking for a man to save you. The only way you can tap into a healthy relationship is to be able to do for yourself all the things you would want/expect your partner to do for you. 

So true! 

Imagine if you use all that effort and energy you put into looking for a man that will take care of you into self investment-you would be freaking unstoppable. That’s the only guarantee you will be with a man you truly want not the one you only need and that’s the only way to protect yourself from being taken for granted just because mofo thinks you can’t do without him. 

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Tell them!!!!! 

But again… Man is a natural provider, yes, just don’t forget: “A real woman can do it all by herself, but a real man won’t let her” ❤My African ladies, it’s your time to shine 

You nailed it girl. I’m not understanding where the water is coming from 

I hope this helps one person who will help mother. Marry for the right reasons. Act like a lady, think like you want the best in life. 

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