After her inaugurations as the Senior Special Assistant on Entertainment, Arts and Culture in Kogi State, the Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson-Okojie style sense has taken a drastic positive turn.

To have style means you have a distinctive appearance and while we love Mercy Johnson, we’ve not known her to be “distinctive”.

However, for the past couple of months we’ve seen a side of the actress that we believe she has been hiding all along… Mercy has got style!! Her new found love for fashion has proved to be super enlightening and a wonderful changed especially for her plus size fans.

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Mercy Johnson, who at first was sultry and sensual with her looks later became a bit more covered. We can only assume that she was trying to find the style that suits her and now that she finally has found it, she’s showing us what it means to be a hot plus size celebrity.

Lets check out some of her latest looks shall we;


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