Nollywood has been thriving at the cinemas lately with movies like 30 days in Atlanta, A trip to Jamaica; The Wedding Party making and breaking records. However, Nollywood actress and filmmaker Sylvia Oluchi says that the Wedding party making 450million Naira at the box office is not a big deal. 

In an exclusive interview with Broadway TV, the Nollywood actress shared her analysis saying that the wedding party making just 450million only shows that 450,000 people went to the cinema which is less than the population of people in Surulere. In her words;

“I feel we can do much better, for me I believe the cinemas are under performing. I feel like we have lost the trust of our audience and until we gain that trust back, it is going to be very difficult. I don’t want us to get too comfortable with Wedding Party’s success; it is not a big deal. 450,000 is less than the population of Surulere so what are we talking about? I think we can do better.”

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On her advice to filmmakers generally, she believes that Filmmakers need to start looking deeply at the business side of the craft.

“I am a filmmaker myself and one thing I have had to learn and unlearn is film making first and foremost is a business apologies to everyone out there but the art is second. For me I came in as a creative writer, theater are student and all I wanted to do was to tell good stories but it is a business and if the business side is not taken seriously the industry will crumble because anyone who is giving you 2million will not expect 1.5million back he or she wants you to bring 5million back. I think we need to put more to the business side of it, the art is fantastic. 

I am all for new talent, for helping people grow but let’s face the business. It is very important and I feel if we really sit down talk to accountants, analysts, focus on marketing and promotion and not about going to get the biggest camera in the whole world be business minded about it. Let’s have fun and love what we do but learn the business side as you are learning the creative side” she said.

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When asked if she really believes that it is time for Africa, Oluchi responded saying it has always been time for Africa and they only refuse to see it because they do not appreciate their own. She said;

“It has always been time for Africa but we have just not appreciated our own. I mean, you go to parties these days and nobody is playing American music it’s all Nigerian songs because the music people have their acts together, they have taken over their space. We need to get to a point in Nollywood where there are seven Nigerian movies showing and one Hollywood movie that is when we know we have arrived not the other way around. It has always been time we don’t just appreciate our won we always want to wait till paramount pictures will come and do it for us we need to do it for ourselves otherwise they will come here put down the structure, make the money and go. We just need to wake up on the business side.”

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