A head tie is a women’s cloth head scarf that is commonly worn in many parts of Southern Africa and Western Africa.

In Nigeria, the head-ties are known as gele, and can be rather large and elaborate. Although the gele can be worn for day-to-day activities, the elaborate ceremonial ones are worn to weddings, special events, and church activities. It is usually made of a material that is firmer than regular cloth. When worn, especially for more elaborate events, the gele typically covers a woman’s entire hair as well as her ears. The only part exposed is her face and earrings on the lower part of her earlobes. The gele is accompanied by traditional local attire that may or may not have the same pattern as the headtie itself.

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According to history the colors of each gele had a different meaning depending on your societal status, nowadays things are very very different than they used to be but one thing still remains true and that is the fact that the gele is an accessory that fits perfectly with many of our traditional ceremonies. Scroll down to see some fabulous gele styles:


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