The typical woman is stylish and does everything to make herself look good. It’s however difficult for women to choose hairstyles that won’t render them bald.

However, the kinds of hairstyles Nigerian women do particularly puts them at risk of having front hair loss and developing bare patches. Some of these hairstyles appear to be more damaging than others, with some particularly putting a lot of pressure on the hair follicles which gradually leads to damage and hair loss.

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Below are some hairstyles Nigerian women love that lead to loss of hair:

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Braids are the typical signature hairstyle of an average Nigerian woman. This hairstyle brings out the strength and beauty of the Nigerian woman. It however puts women at a high risk of going bald because the hair attachments used puts a lot of pressure on the the hair follicles which may lead to damage. It is recommended that you have your stylist make your braids as loose as possible to prevent significant damage. Also ensure that you don’t have your braids on for no longer than two months.

Artificial Dreadlocks

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Dreadlocks have been around for quite sometime but really came back to make a fashion statement about five years back. Artificial dreadlocks entail the use of heavy wool like materials which put undue pressure on the natural hair. Damage is even more significant if the artificial hair is applied straight up after adding hair relaxers, and this may lead to breakage.

Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions are cool for women for a number of reasons. It helps to beautify the hair and face and doesn’t take long to get made unlike other high risk hairstyles. It however also presents it’s own level of damage to the hair when worn for too long. It’s best you have your weave-ons removed after three to four weeks of wearing them.


Image result for Nigerian braid hairstyle

This brings out the true beauty of Nigerian women as the natural hair is all out without any artificial add ons. It still however causes significant hair tension especially if you use hair relaxers a lot.

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Ghana Weaving

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This hairstyle is a depiction of African beauty. It became popular more than fifteen years ago and swept across Nigeria in a craze. It remains one of the top hairstyles up until this moment. However, Ghana Weaves, because of their nature, can cause damage to women’s hair, especially at the hairlines.


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