Someone broke your heart? Guess what? Screw that person! They don’t deserve you! You are a QUEEN (unless you are a KING) and you deserve everything wonderful. And you will get it; don’t worry. But first, you cry! You cry a lot. And you scream. A whole lot but here’s the deal, we will be sharing these movies that can get you out of the break up Zone in no time. 

How Stella Got Her Groove Back: Angela Bassett is magic as Stella, the crystal clear water of Jamaica, and pressing pause on your busy life to prioritize what’s important. You’re all about reprioritizing right now, so this movie is perfect for you. 

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John Tucker Must Die: Three ex-girlfriends of a serial cheater hunt his ass down and ruin his life. So satisfying. It’s a DAMN SHAME this movie has a stereotypical happy ending for the dude, but that’s Hollywood for you!!! If you wanted to turn this off about 20 minutes before the end, I would not begrudge you that decision.

Pride and Prejudice: The quintessential Jane Austen novel translated for the screen; it’ll make you hate that snake in the grass who did this to you, and long for a Mr. Darcy of your very own. Besides, if Elizabeth Bennett and Darcy don’t make you believe in trying for true love again, I can’t help you.

Last Holiday: This one doesn’t involve a breakup with a sexual partner, but rather a breakup with an entire life when a woman finds out she only has a few months to live. And, of course, when our leading lady (Queen Latifah, being perfect) does start really living — that’s when a very fine man, LL Cool J, hikes straight into her heart.

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My Best Friend’s Wedding:  Julia Roberts is a total monster in this movie, and it is magnificent to live vicariously through her. Every time you want to do something stupid to your ex, just watch this movie instead. Oh, and while you’re at it, block all his shit on your phone. Do it. Do it right now. GOOD JOB! Now go watch My Best Friend’s Wedding again!


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