1. Having a decent list of failures to your name

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2. Your inclination to be honest with the people you care about, even when it hurts.

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3. Asking for what you want.

This is not the same thing as demanding what you want, or feeling entitled to anything in your life that sounds good or pleasant or fun.

4. Your desire to be by yourself, a lot.

I'm not antisocial, I swear! I just need to recharge my introvert juices!

5. Your tendency to let go of friendships that are weighing you down.

You might even secretly like a little more company, even if it does give you anxiety.

6. Feeling afraid every time you try something new.

You like to give thoughtful answers, but sometimes people assume you're just silently judging them.

7. Your unwillingness to just say ‘yes’ to everything.

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8. A lack of desire to work 80-hour work weeks.

If you want to one day be the top executive in your company or the top person in your law firm, then do what you gotta do – no judgments being made here.

9. Asking a lot of questions.

This can be seen as annoying – in work meetings, during someone’s story at dinner, at a panel for something you’re interested in. And yeah, sometimes, there are certain people who do this just because they want to hear themselves talk.

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10. Not having a large number of friends.


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