Although I personally think it is going through much stress when you have to cut Eba in heart shapes and more however, I can’t but appreciate the work of art that these talented people have done to Eba. I mean, it is not everyday you get to see Eba look this fine that you would rather just stare at it instead of digging right through it. Take a look:

1. When Eba is made in heart shapes

2. Spring rolls look alike

3. Who came up with this?

4. Check out the layered eba in the corner

5. I thought it was white and yellow yam

6. Dinner is served

7. This is injustice to my stomach

8. Rolls and more rolls

9. The colorful world of more

11. This presentation is everything

12. I don’t even want to talk about the first color

13. More rolls

14. The layers are everything

15. Take a bite

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