Nigerians are happy people no doubt. No matter the situation or state of the economy they just tend to find a way around it. However as happy as they are, they just love to do too much. Nigerians will celebrate everything and anything without having fear of God. 

Today we will be looking at these things that Nigerians like doing every New Month. 

1. Whatsapp/BBM Broadcast: These ones are the annoying ones. They never stop to think maybe you have a calendar and don’t need the reminder but no, they just have to send it sha. They don’t care 

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2. Facebook Tags: These ones will upload on picture that reads “Happy New Month” and tag the whole nation. They don’t even know you from Adam but they don’t give a damn 

3. Resolutions for every New Month: These ones will tweet about how the New Month means a lot and how they have so much to do and work for. Stories that touch. 

4. The “New Month New Me” tag that never gets old: These ones will update their PM as this yet they won’t change. 

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5. Prayer Warriors who disturb Timelines: These ones will share every prayer. It is only on the 1st that they remember God. After today they are back to Woke Twitter and Quilox Jamz. (We are not judging) 

6. The colleague that greets everyone individually: These ones greet everybody that comes to the office. They one greet everyone at ones they prefers going from one place to another. 

Which category The you fall under? 


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