Things Girls Do To Pick A Fight With Their Guys

Girls are pretty funny beings that one might need a manual to deal with. They can be handful and interesting all at once. For you to be able to understand them, you have to understand that there are somethings they do that you need to avoid. Let’s check it out. 

1. When a girl starts asking random questions and she notices you are trying to avoid them then you are in trouble 

2. When you tell her to calm down when she’s not even up yet then take cover 

3. When she starts sighing in different tones. Don’t ask her what’s wrong 

4. When she starts saying things that will piss you off just walk away 

5. When you ask her what she will eat and she starts telling you she doesn’t know but keeps saying she is hungry 

6. That time she will demand to see your phone without warning 

7. When she tells you to take her out and you ask where and she says she doesn’t know just take her somewhere 

8. When she starts calling names of girls that you have nothing with but chill with just explain and clear the air. 


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