Before now, several people do what they can to hide their real age from people because of two things. They either fear they might be disrespected or they fear what might be said to them by people especially if they are actually younger. So here is a list of few things that people might say to you when they find out about your real age.

1. Why are you still single? Since the world believes there is a particular age when everyone should get married, once you have exceeded that, you automatically have a problem

2. Don’t you think you need to get your own place? Of course, come and carry me to the house you built for me in built for me in Banana Island

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3. Wow! You are really old. See your life?

4. How come you look so young? Because I am a vampire

5. When are you getting married? When i decide to phoolish

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6. You must be married. Yes in my former life with your husband

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