Who remembers Justin Bieber’s song, “What do you mean”? Well dude was spot on with that song because Woman mind or thinking can be totally out of this world that sometimes when they say no they actually mean yes. 

However things aren’t even as black and white like that, yes I mean black and white because compared to other things saying no and meaning yes is the easiest thing to figure out about a woman. So thanks to this Twitter user, this might just help a lot of men figure out a woman’s mind and why they have so much drama surrounding them. Take a look; 

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1. Just ask anyways to avoid world war 3 

2. You are in for a real trouble 

3. Totally unacceptable. No one cares if she owns the dog too. 

4. Trust me you haven’t done anything yet but she’s pretty sure you are about to 

5. She’s definitely gonna get mad 

6. Lucky you 

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