People often talk about how a bad haircut will leave you in tears. I would like to add to the statement that a brow mishap can also lead to waterworks. And I would like to include that a bad brow wax or plucking mistakes are worse than a bad haircut. You can cover up a crappy haircut with hats, extensions, wigs, or a new cut. But bad brows? You can’t walk around wearing bug-eyed glasses 24/7 to conceal them, even if you wanted to. Trust me, I’ve tried.

If you’ve been on the receiving end of a bad wax or you’ve gotten too tweezer happy, there are things you can do. I’m pleased to tell you that you don’t have to wait weeks for your brows to grow out. Here are 15 things you need to do ASAP if you messed up your brows.

1. Put down those tweezers.


I can see them in your hand. Put ’em down. Now. Continuing to pluck your brows will only make the situation worse. You will not “correct” it as much as you think you’re going to. The damage is done so don’t make it worse by plucking more hairs.

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2. Go see a pro.


If a pro messed up your brows, you might be hesitant to see another one. However, they are the brow experts so they will hopefully be able to rectify the situation in some way. Just make sure you don’t see the exact same technician who ruined your brows, okay?

3. Invest in good brow products.


Do you have a tinted brow gel, pencil, or wax? If your makeup bag doesn’t have any of them, it’s time to change things. Invest in some decent brow products now to help camouflage your misshapen brows and you’ll be able to use them later to get brows on fleek.

4. Try combing your brows.


You know that little spoolie brush that came with your eyeshadow brushes? Use it to brush your brows in different directions. It sounds like such a small thing, but it can completely change the look of your eyebrows.

5. Stop touching them for no reason.


Poking and prodding your brows isn’t going to help the situation. In fact, it could just make it worse because it could result in more brow hairs being lost. Avoid touching your brows unnecessarily. And don’t be pulling on them when you’re nervous.

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6. Consider a brow growth treatment.


If your bad brows are seriously stressing you out, you might want to consider getting a brow growth serum to speed the process along. There are versions you can pick up at the drugstore for decent prices. Just be aware that the science behind some serums might be lacking and they’re not going to deliver amazing results overnight.

7. Look into semi-permanent, at-home products.


I know the name might sound intense, but the products actually aren’t that scary. There are a lots of new brow products that promise to tint your brows for 24 to 72 hours. Check out the Korean versions which are leading the way.

8. Don’t trim them.


If you were a good girl and put down the tweezers, don’t ruin things by trimming your brows. It will not help the situation. Trust.

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9. Draw the attention to your other features.


Are you stressed that all people are going to be looking at is your messed up brows? First of all, let me just say that they’re really not as bad as you think they are. However, if you still don’t want people to be commenting on them, use makeup to bring the focus to your cheeks and lips. This is where your bold lipsticks and highlighters will come in handy.

10. Add some brow gel.


You want the brow hairs that you still have to stay in the right positions so use some brow gel. If you don’t have any, you can try using a bit of hair gel or try spraying a spoolie brush with hairspray then applying that to your brows.

11. Remember that they’re just eyebrows.


I know that you’re probably stressing about your brows, but remember that they are simply just brows. They’re nothing to get that upset about. Besides, they will grow back.

Have you ever had an eyebrow mishap? Let us know in the comments!

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