Few weeks ago the hashtag ‘We met on Twitter’ trended. People started out as crush and ended up being married with kids. This can be likened to the case of Nigerian OAP Toolz and her hubby Tunde Demuren who tweeted that he might have a crush on here. 

Here are the things people do when they have a Twitter crush 

1. The stalking instincts you never had comes out to play. You start stalking her every Tweet and responses 

2. This is you when you see him or her tweet bae at someone 

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3. You suddenly set notifications for each of her tweets so you can check who is making her laugh so much 

4. Then you see this nigga’s constant handle and and how she LOL at everything he does 

5. So you unfollow her so you can follow once more and Tweet “I think Twitter unfollowed us, I don’t know what is wrong with them” 

6. This is you when she doesn’t reply but she’s tweeting 

7. Then she finally Tweets at you and adds LOL after saying she’s now following 

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8. But the happiness didn’t last long because constant Twitter handle shows again to Tweet at her and she forgets you 

9. So you do the needful and slide into her DM 

10. Then she leaves you hanging for two weeks 

11. So you just block her and move to the next one 


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