So far, it has been a super interesting show as housemates have given us one drama one way or another. The emotional roller coaster amongst fans have made the game more interesting. This week Bassey, TBoss Debbie-Rise and Bally were all nominated by the head of house Efe to be up for eviction 

Over the week, fans have voted like their lives depended on it however, one person has to leave for Biggie to have his final 6 who will proceed to the Finale. Speculations have been going that Bassey has the lowest votes but we can really confirm that as only Biggie has the power to. 

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While some team feels TBoss is the weakest link but words on the street has it that she scaled through and is safe. Debie-Rise has also been getting great support which has made people rule her off. Bally on the other hand remains a dicey one to the fans as he has been to the housemates since this happens the Be the first time ever he will be up for eviction. 

So, who do you think is leaving today? 



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TBoss OR 

Debie- Rise? 

Stay glued to the blog to find out who leaves and who stays. 

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