Have you ever passed through Oshodi or any other part in Lagos State and you just find a great multitude of people gathered for reasons best known to them? Do you find it disturbing most times? I believe those who might find it disturbing are the new comers in Lagos state because we wey sabi as the parole dey role na normal thing for us..  If you have been very observant you would have noticed one or two of these types of crowds I am about to share with you or maybe you even belong to one of the groups..

1. The Onlookers

How vividly can I explain this?? Ok, If you pass through Ikeja under bridge then you will understand what I am trying to explain, you see a man who has different kinds of phones displayed on a table and he keeps shuffling them consistently, though I have never stopped to know exactly why people gather around him until I was fortunate to enter a bus and listen to some guys talk about it. They said, people gather around the man betting money to win a phone and most times most people lose close to twenty thousand on the bet. They further said that, most of the people gathered around there are thieves and sometimes use charms to attract customers.. Oh Lagos, how I love thee.

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Also you kind find onlookers when an  unfortunate event happen like an accident, collapse of a building or public fighting. This crowd simply wants to observe what is happening to the end and narrate the unfolding event to friends. I am guilty of this one oh!!

2. The Wrestling Watchers

Image result for people gathered watching wrestling in lagos

I see this kind of people everyday and I wonder why they do that, even little children who are hawking. I remember sometime in 2012, i did an interview with some of this people who show wrestling matches for public viewing and he said, “Aunty na to make money ooo”. So my darling if you see people gathered around a DVD Vendor watching wrestling, don’t be surprised its just a sales strategy and oh wait, its LAGOS STATE.

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3. The Movie Watchers

This is one baffles me at times, I keep asking myself, why can’t they just buy the movie and go watch it at home. I can understand the fact that street hawkers are caught in this act maybe to relief themselves of the days stress or whatever but when I see a well dressed man or lady in this position I get pissed. Please, stop falling our hands in lagos na… No be your condition worse pass. Just buy the CD and go watch it at home.. Pheww!!

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4. The Religious Outreach Crowd

Image result for tonto dikeh preaching in a movie

Chai, this one annoys me the most especially those who do this early in the morning.. Please, I am not trying to say evangelism is bad but please na for early morning sleep dey sweet pass. I leave that one here!!

5. The Waiting BRT Queue

Image result for crowd waiting for BRT in Lagos

There is no time I pass through Oshodi under bridge and I don’t find millions of human beings waiting for BRT buses. It can really be frustrating especially when you have no other means to transport yourself to your destination. This type of crowds are always angry because mhen Lagos sun is nobody’s friend, so if you think you can just come and chance somebody then my dear sorry is your name, because this type of crowd will eat you raw.

Think we forgot any other type of crowd kindly use the comment box.


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